Monday, July 21, 2008

Just Imagine

I don't even have any pics for this part of the post.

I had this moment tonight that I sat back and just truly thanked God.

Shawn came home from work to fix the car and I still had daycare kids. Meagan's horse lesson got postponed because of a fair, so we decided to go to the lake when everyone left.

Mind you, I don't dare put a suit on anymore. But we have this quiet spot on Duck Lake that you have to go down a bunch of stairs to go to. There really isn't a large beach or anything but we can take the dogs down there and throw "dummies" for them. Very rarely is anyone else down there.

We do this several times a year but haven't made it down there yet this year. Katelyn started to lose her fear over water last year, but Meagan is still a little hesitant. She hangs out on the shore.

I am watching as my husband is letting the dogs get some much needed excerise and the girls are laughing. He is playing with all 4 of them and I am wishing like heck that I had a camera to capture this precious moment. It's one of those moments that everyone is truly happy. They are laying on dad's belly and back as he is swimming around, yelling, "Get me, Get me." And nothing but giggles. It's them hugging on him and swimming to him for guidance or safety. And I watch as he gets Meagan out to him to put her little arms around his neck. I watch as he picks Katelyn up who is giggling to throw her into the water.

And I thank God. I thank God that I can appreciate this moment when so many times I let little things get to me. I thank God for our health and happiness. I thank God that as a family there are times when I don't know if we spend enough quality time together and this moment comes.

I pray that as the girls get older, they remember these little moments. That they never forget these little things that may not be Disney vacations but just love on the beach.

I did manage to get some photos a few days before of God's wonderful creations. Here are a few.

This is one of the sky after it got done raining right before the LoneStar concert.

Here are two pictures of one of our does that has gotten really comfortable out back. She walked right up to the deck almost and Shawn grabbed a couple of pics. She always comes around during the day when he is at work.

Thank God.


Renee said...

Aww Jammie. You brought a tear to my eye! Glad you guys had some family time. :) Love you girl

amy said...

I feel like that all the time, especially because we don't have the money to take the disney vacations...until the big time hits anyway. LOL

Kylah said...

Hi Jammie! Love your blog...thanks so much for telling me about it. Here is the kids schedule for the next two weeks:

7/28 4:30-5:30
7/29 8:30-3:30
7/30 12-5:30
7/31 1-5:30
8/1 1-5:30

8/4 8:30-5:30
8/5 9-4:30
8/6 12-5:30
8/7 off
8/8 off

Thanks so much for all you do! Keep up the great blogging!