Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Where did time go?

Jessica and Geoff saying their vows!

And it's official! Mr. and Mrs. Jefferies The last time I blogged, my beautiful sister was getting ready to get married. My laptop is not working right now, which is a poor excuse to not keep this updated. So I will do my best over the next week to post some new blogs.

Jessica and Geoff's wedding was absolutely beautiful! She was the most beautiful bride, the weather was great and they were surrounded by a countless amount of family and friends that were so happy to share in their joy. What an amazing day! Unfortunately I didn't take too many photos. The photographer has much better ones, including ones with me and my very best friend...the one I get to call my sister, Jessica! Hopefully I can get a hold of some of the family pics to put on here someday. Until then, enjoy!

Katelyn with Grandpa Richard (Dick). He was grandma Hamel's best friend for 40 years! Always been a part of our family and always will be.

Three of us bridesmaids...and yes, I am crying! (tears of joy) =]

Katelyn adores her Aunt Jessica and thought she was a beautiful bride. They both look awesome standing next to each other.

Jessica and Geoff dancing to their first dance as husband and wife. She looks so happy! =]

Katelyn, Meagan, and Me (and my five chins!!) I hate how I was leaning back but love this pic. These two girls are my world! So precious.

Unfortunately, our Grandpa Tyler lost his battle to cancer three days after my sister's wedding. This was my mom's dad. He did make it to Jessica's wedding. We didn't know or expect that it would be our last photo opportunity or that it would be the last time my mom saw her dad. I went over to his house the day after the wedding. My girls always seemed to be a "pick me up" for him. He got a good laugh out of Meagan who was his "western" buddy. And he thought the world of Katelyn. If you scroll back to last summer's blogs, you can see a completely different man. Cancer took a toll on his body but he stayed strong until the end. This loss has been hard on his wife Sandy, hard on my mom because they were getting so close to making peace. And hard on me, because I have to be strong for other people, yet miss him too. Here are some pics at my sister's wedding.

My dad, Grandpa, and Uncle JT

Grandpa, Sandy, Jessica, Geoff, Mom

Sandy is his wife. They weren't married for very long. Less than a year actually. But they were together almost 5. He was pretty healthy when they met but little did she now the battle she would have to help him fight. And we only wish they had met a long time ago. She was a breath of fresh air for him. They went on trips, cruises, brought him to grandkids' games, family dinners. She encouraged him to be more involved with family and to do family things. And she was also trying to mend the bridge between grandpa and my mom. She put a smile on his face. God Bless her.

I will update more this week...I promise. But for now, I will leave you with this last photo taken of my mom and Grandpa at Jessica's wedding. I hope as he looks down, he realizes how much he was loved by a lot of people. May he rest in peace.