Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What the heck?

I totally suck at keeping up with this blog. It seems like now that Facebook has come into the picture, all my photos go on there...but then I am not writing, which is what I love to do! I am completely embarrassed at how long it has been since I blogged. So much has happened. The girls are getting big and I am finding out more now than ever, why everyone warned about teenage years. God help me! Ahhhh...but Katelyn is a beautiful young woman. And I am completely blessed. Meagan never ceases to give me a lack of laughs. Between Katelyn making the same air headed comments that her mom makes and Meagan just being goofy, they definitely put a smile on my face.

We have officially put a deposit down on our vacation...you know, the one I have been talking about planning for at least 5 years. Yay! We are going...no matter what. Our trip to Disney is planned for April of this year.! I did say the deposit is down. Don't know how to pay the rest of it yet, but I believe it will happen and it will! Hell or high water, we ARE going. Katelyn will be 14 and she isn't going to want to spend time with mom and dad here shortly. LOL

We were able to spend some much needed time with family through out the holidays but love it when we spend time outside of that together. I have a brand new niece! Jessica had her first baby on December 1st! Josey is absolutely beautiful and we are so thankful for a healthy baby and that Jessica did well and is doing well. I think we have enough nieces and nephews for a boys and girls softball team now.

Shawn and I are doing well. He is always busy at work and is thankfully done with the football season for right now. Unsure as to where football stands for him. Will he have time this next year? He worked really hard this last summer putting up a fence out back for horses this next summer. No horses until Vacation. Maybe that's why it finally got planned. LOL

I have a ton of pictures that I have taken over the last year. Just need to find time to upload some of them. We'll see. Maybe that will be incentive to post again! :)