Saturday, December 19, 2009

Another year has almost gone.

It seems like I remember always hearing "old people" say that time just keeps going by faster. I had no clue what they were talking about and thought they were WEIRD. I am officially one of those people now. Time seems to be going by faster. And faster. Sometimes so much is going on, I wonder if I will remember it all. Will I remember the little things the girls do that make me giggle? Will I remember how it felt to hold their hand when they were so small? Will I remember how much grief the teenage years are bringing me so I make sure to warn my daughters "paybacks are a pain"? Will I remember that I wasn't always a perfect parent and tried to learn from my mistakes? I sure hope so. But along with being ADD (i have diagnosed myself because I know I am scatterbrained), I feel like we had a lot going on for a few years.

And know that Katelyn has officially linked us in the "old" category (we didn't even get to be middle-aged), I just keep thinking that time IS really going by faster. And when it goes by too fast, do we really enjoy it all? I would like to hope so but I wish I did more. Maybe that is something I will look forward to this next year. I have already slowed down, but now I need to enjoy it a little more. Take a deep breath.... and take lots of pictures for when the Memory Loss really kicks in more. Ha Ha

As a family, we have already had a Christmas party that went really well and starting over the next week, we will have many more. Hope to be posting some pics soon. Both the girls got their hair cut!