Monday, July 14, 2008

Turning 30- To be or not to be- that is the question!

I hit the big 3-0. And I didn't go gracefully. My birthday is actually July 2nd. We had a few people over on that day and mom only had 29 candles. I figured that was God's way of approving the fact that I would be under 30 FOREVER!

So anyways, Shawn told me about a month ago that he would have to work a bunch of overtime and that I would have to hang out with family on my birthday. I could see right through that lie. Then he wanted to add onto the deck and when I told him we didn't have the money, he said, "Look, I am throwing you a surprise party for your birthday, so I want to do this." Way to cover dear. Blew that one.

So, I did what any wife would do....changed the date, got my invite list together, and totally planned it. With some family and friend help.

I was absolutely surprised by the amount of people that showed up. I missed some that I was looking forward to seeing though. Maybe soon. Shawn had some friends from work smoke fresh hams, chickens and made me a steak! Gotta love him. We had tons of food, with the help from friends and family. Shawn's sister, Charity made two awesome cakes.

Ms. Pat had a horse party up this way, so she ended up bringing Nick and gave all the kids rides. My mom also snuck a ride in as well. The kids rode the cars down the driveway and even though there aren't many pictures on the slideshow of the car event, those of us that were there late ended up racing and riding down the drive as well. Totally against my normal sober, "You are too big for that car, Get off!" Whatever!

Jammie doesn't let loose all that often. It goes against my whole good mom role (dont' even laugh, I can wish if I want to)..... so see for yourself and beware of the pictures that pop up at the end of the night. Isn't it funny how the camera comes out more after you've had a few. Lots of friend, family and fun. I had such a good time and loved hanging out with everyone....until 3:45 am!

Thanks to Shawn for working so hard on the house, even though he wasn't feeling well at all this week prior. I hope everyone that came, had fun and if you missed it, You MISSED it.

Just wish that I would have gotten more pictures of those that came.

Thanks for the fun!
Lots of love,


Renee Weikle said...

AWESOME slide show Jammie. I would of loved to of seen you drunk. Someday :)

Funny pics. You didnt add the one of you getting spanked though. That one should of been in there for sure. :)

Anonymous said...

I think that we had just too much fun!!!! Good Times...Good Times :) And who said we were too big for the toys Ha Ha, what do they know anyways LOL, Great pics., great company, great food, great times couldn't ask for more!!!!
Love Jess