Saturday, July 5, 2008

T-Ball 2008

OK, it won't let me add words to the slide show, so we will do two seperate entries.
Meagan's T-Ball season has officially come to a close. I am so glad she found "her thing" this year. She actually likes all the tom-boyish sports like baseball, basketball, golf, ect... I know she will be a sport junkie, like her dad.

Meagan had a blast with T-Ball this year. She totally amazed Shawn and myself. She went from being in a wheelchair a year ago after having surgery to running around, hitting the ball and surprising everyone around her by how well she did.

Many family and friends came to her last game. Meagan was so excited because she got to play against Andrew and Derek. For those of you that don't know Andrew and Derek, they have been going to my daycare for 4 years and are truly her good buddies. She rooted for them just as much as her own team.

We couldn't have asked for a better coach than Coach Wall. He has made comments that he won't be coaching next year, which is a bummer. He worked well with the kids and had lots of patience. He also said that Meagan smiled the whole time and he thought she did great!

Below are pictures of her getting her trophy, family, and her just plain having fun.

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amy said...

She's so funny! It would have been nice to see her play. Maybe next year, the kids are so busy it is really hard to get to other sporting events. I know that out of everyone you would understand that. Hope that you have a good week and we will see you this weekend!