Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July

Happy 4th.
OK, well it's actually the 8th, but I am always a few days late when it comes to blogging. I have to squeeze in the time.

For the 4th of July, we went to Whitehall. Perfect. I took the girls last year when Shawn was working but we went to a different spot. The kids played at the park for the longest time and we were right on the water for the fireworks. Shawn (who is always ba- humbug when it comes to crowds), actually was thinking of making it a half day next year. Cooking out and stuff.

We have been working our butts off on the house trying to get some odds and ends done before my "surprise" birthday party next week. (SHHHHH). When I finally washed the paint off myself, I told Katelyn to get dressed. She always wants to get dolled up and I told her that she would be smart to wear pants or kapris, because we were going down by the lake. But of course, we have to look our best and she wore a skirt. I did manage to get her to grab a jacket.

Well, when we got down to the park, she saw a set of bars calling her name. She hasn't been in the gym for over a week due to holiday shut down. She begged us to walk back to the van to see if there was by chance a pair of shorts in there.

So while Shawn was walking with her, I stayed with Meagan. And got some pictures of her playing. Then one of her best buds from school came running up to give her a hug.

Her and her buddy Madison.

Meagan playing with the bars.

And...of course she finds a horse. LOL

So Shawn is gone for a while and comes back with Katelyn, totally changed into a whole different outfit. Yeah, he went all the way home so she could play. I bet ya next year, she might listen to mom's advise on wardrobe... She is glad that dad loves her so much.
So she starts spinning around and around the bar like 10 to 15 times each time she hops up there. No I am not exagerating. Shawn is standing there with the biggest grin on his face. I consider it showboating. He says, "We pay for it, might was well get our use." Parents and kids alike are just sitting there staring at her. She was in her glory.

Twirly whirly, here we go.

And then as much as she doesn't want to smile at mom with the camera, I get her to give me one. Isn't she beautiful?

Then I get a shot with Shawn, Katelyn, and Meagan.

By the time we got home the girs were tuckered out...at least one was. The other, my night owl, was still wide awake.

All in all, a great 4th of July. I am so lucky and grateful. Now wish me luck with the weather for our pig roast this weekend. I hope it doesn't rain. The mosquitoes seem to be thriving at our house, no matter how many bug zappers, yard spray, or fogging we do. Bug spray is my perfume of choice.

Just for laughs, speaking of mosquitoes, last year I was looking for more octenol for our mosquito eater and a bug zapper. While at Menards, a worker told me that they decided they were "inhumane" and quit carrying the zappers. Are you kidding me?! Is it humane for them to get a blood donation without my consent! By the way, Lowes and Home Depot carried them last year. We now have 2.

Thanks for keeping posted.


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Anonymous said...

I love love love that picture of Meagan on the horse, she sure does love them things!!! And lil miss KT better be feeling very loved all the way home for a change of clothes, sounds like her LOL :)