Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm Alive!

Here I was doing awesome at updating this blog... and then summer got the best of me. We have been so completely busy that I haven't had a chance to sit down and work at this. Even though my lack of sleep is getting the best of me, I do have some cute pics.

The Muskegon 4-H fair was a couple of weeks ago. And of course we had to take the girls. Meagan and Katelyn had a hay day seeing the animals.

And we couldn't go without jumping on the moon walk.

My all time favorite photo of that day:

We also let the girls have some friends spend the night that following weekend. Usually when one has a friend, the other one does too. It's sooooo much easier that way!

Katelyn with her friend, Skylor, in the water. Skylor does gymnastics with Katelyn.

Meagan and her friend, Marissa.

I absolutely love this picture of Marissa. It would be awesome as a black and white.

Katelyn and Skylor

And then, whether they are in the gym or at the park, they still act like monkeys.

When I do daycare, it's not just watching kids and making money. I really get attached to my little friends. Throughout the last 5 years, some have had to leave. Last week, we had two different days that we had visitors. Thomas and Kali are up from Georgia for a visit and I was able to have them spend the night and play with all their old friends. But my two were the most excited because they miss these friends very much.

Katelyn with her friend, Kali.

Meagan and her "dad" Thomas. When they were here, my gosh, these two were inseparable. After I uploaded this photo, I noticed her shirt that says "Nacho Girlfriend". Funny.

Then I can't forget a picture without the 4 of them together.

The next day, Kennedy and Reid came for a visit but I didn't get any pictures. But I will. We are having a daycare picnic in two weeks and some of our old, along with our new friends, will be going to the lake/park for a picnic and games. That will be a lot of fun and I can't wait.

I do have other photos that are dear to me over this last week, but that will be for my next blog... soon. I promise.

I also am thinking of starting another side business venture. I haven't decided yet and have begun to pray about it. So please keep me in your prayers that this may be something fun, profitable, and exciting for me to do on the side. I will keep you posted on this.

God, thank you for my family, friends, health, and happiness. I am thankful for what I have.

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amy said...

You are one special person that can be around children a lot...not me, can't stand the little buggers! LOL...

By the way Emmie saw your pic last night at Angie's and she was very excited. Maybe we can ger together soon. Let me know when you have available and we can plan something.