Monday, August 25, 2008

Fun in the Sun!

Time to catch up!

A few weeks ago, we had some family come stay at our house and camp out with their 5th wheels. We hadn't taken the girls to Michigan's Adventure in 3 years, so they were really excited to go.

Meagan riding a motorcycle with the biggest smile on her face that never leaves.

She can't wait to get her driver's permit :)

Katelyn on one of the many roller coasters she rode that day. I think this one is Zac's Zoomer. She is getting to be quite the dare devil. I got to ride the new "Thunderhawk", which I absolutely loved. You have to try it. Katelyn and Shawn were in the front seat of that one.

My cousin came with her family and brought along her husband's brother and their family. It was perfect because they had 3 girls right in the same age range as Katelyn and Meagan. Absolutely polite and they got along soooo well.

Here is a picture of Meagan with her new friend, Morgan. This was right before the rode the elephants.

This is Dumbo, right? Meagan having a blast.

Our new friend, Morgan.

By the time we got into the water park, Meagan was pooped. She started to doze off on Shawn for a little bit.

Here is a picture of Shawn with Katelyn and Meagan.

For most of the day, Katelyn was with Shawn on all the big rides, so I didn't get many pictures of her. I got more of Meagan. But luckily when we got into the water park, I was able to snap a few of Katelyn.

I don't get many pics with the girls because I am always the one with taking the pictures. It was definitely a sunny day as you can tell with the sun streak behind us.

Meagan trying to make a goofy face. She cracks me up all the time.

Another picture of me with the Katelyn and Meagan.

This picture says it all. I love these two girls more than anything in the world. And for the most part, this is how they are with each other most of the time. They pick on each other occasionally but love each other more than that. Katelyn is such an awesome big sister. Although if Meagan keeps growing, she may be taller than Katelyn really soon. LOL.

All in all, Michigan's Adventure was a very good day, with excellent weather and we had an awesome weekend spending time with family and meeting new friends.

Then the following weekend, we went over to Shawn's mom's house for dinner. It has been a long time since it was just a small family dinner over there and the kids enjoyed spending time with their Granny.

Meagan with her friend (one of my daycare kids), Sarah. They spent the weekend with us and I love this picture.

Meagan with Aunt Charity

Katelyn with daddy.

Katelyn with her two cousins, Jake and Joseph.

And I actually have more photos of this last week, but I am running out of time and will save that for another day. Just a glimpse into our busy summer

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