Friday, November 28, 2008

Over the Hill???

So I didn't forget about Halloween and mom's birthday pics. I just haven't had time to update this blog. But I love keeping everyong updated with what is going on in my boring life.



We had a great Halloween. Mom came over and carved pumpkins with Shawn, myself, and the girls. For the first time ever we used the carving cheat sheets.

Grandma with Katelyn and Meagan
Meagan with Shawn
But I totally suck as a mom. We went trick-or- treating at Shawn's mom's. The girls were all dressed up and I so forgot my stinken camera. What mother does that? Meagan was of course a cowgirl, and Katelyn was some evil princess or something. We had the great company of two families with a total of 6 kids and we all had fun.

And then the following weekend, it was time for Mom's big 5-0. Shawn and I don't get out a whole lot. Maybe a few times a year do we actually go where there is music so I can dance. And yes I did say I. My hubby does NOT dance. And if he does... watch out. LOL. But he does go and have a good time and loves to watch me have a good time.

We started off the night with some mexican food at Flamingo's, which is normally very good, but the service just stunk. Mom still enjoyed herself.

Mom and Lil' Jessica.

When we first got to where we were hanging out at, we gave her all her gag OVER THE HILL gifts. This was by far her favorite but there is a story behing it. Every year, for all of our birthdays, she calls us up early in the morning. And she sings. But not the normal "Happy Birthday". She sings the "Today is your birthday. Na Na Na Na Na Na. Your gonna have a good time." We found this little mouse at Spencer's. He is pushing a walker and when you push his toe, he sings that song. She absolutely LOVED it. It doesn't take much to make her happy.

Mom, Jessica, and Nikki

Lil' Jess, Jessica, Mom, and Me.

Me and my girl, Renee.

Me and my mom. Sometimes she can be a pain. But who can't. I think I am sooooo lucky that I have such a cool mom that I can hang out and have a good time with. And that would be there for me in a second if I needed her to. Thank you mom for raising me the best way that you could. I don't think I turned out tooooo bad! Love ya.

Me and my little sis, Jessica. I couldn't ask for a better friend in the whole world.

And for the best picture of the whole night. My love.

I have more photos from that night, but they don't ALL need to be on here. I have uploaded ost of them on Myspace. (Which I said I would never get involved with... whatever).

Mom came over to my house the following Monday for dinner and we did her cake then. Happy Birthday Mom. Hope we made your 50th go as easy as possible, ya old fart! Love ya.


The Weikle Family said...

No more drinking for me. I always have that dang tongue out. Embarrassing. Love ya girl :)

creative cookie said...

It is so good to see how the girls have grown and to see you and Shawn! I love technology. I can't wait to see the Christmas posting and pictures!