Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How time goes by.

So last week, Shawn and I had been together for 11 years. Married for 8, but together for 11. In this day and age, that's hard and I feel happy with our time together. Like everything in life, you have good times and bad, but we can honestly say the good times far outweigh the bad.

Since Katelyn has been in gymnastics, it has been a long time since Shawn and I have gone away for the weekend, or even a night. We sold our house on Hilton Park (we actually signed the same day Grandma passed away). So we absolutely insisted on saving a little bit of it to go away for the night.

We normally always used to go up to Traverse City for our anniversary in May, but haven't in 3 years. I love it up there when the spring hits. To go up by the vinyards and the lighthouse. We have our favorite restaurant. Everything. Once I find something I like, I don't like to change. Change scares me..... seriously. But this time, I wanted to live on the wild side. I wanted to go somewhere we have never stayed before! I know.... whoooo hooo exciting.

Valerie, my daycare assistant, told me about a hotel in South Haven. Called the Lake Bluff Inn. It's right on Lake Michigan. I used to live in California and Florida. Everywhere I have lived has always been 10 minutes from the water. Even up here in Michigan. I love water scenes and just the calmness of it. So after calling and checking on prices and saying "Whatever". They only had one room left because of a wedding going on that day there. I thought about it and said why not. How often do we just splurge on ourselves.

So I called back and they told me the room had a lake view and a jacuzzi tub. Okey Dokey.

Book it before I change my mind. Shawn, the awesome person he is, just let me do what I wanted.

So we pull up and it is an absolutely beautiful little (not just a regular ritzy hotel) but homey kind of and with a wonderful view of the lake..... from someone else's room. We could see the lake when we walked out to the bluff. We had to giggle. And then the jacuzzi tub.... don't let your minds go crazy.... it's not one like at Holiday Inn where we can both fit in. Nope, it's in a regular size bath. Ya know. The ones that everyone has a hard enough time fitting in anyway. Now I am saying "whatever". But what do you do. You make the best of it. And that is what we did. It was still a beautiful hotel. Don't get me wrong. Just next time, it won't be all booked so I can point to which room I want with the awesome view and the balcony. If only I could live with a scenery like that everyday. Awwww. How relaxing.

We ended up going to their downtown area where they have all kinds of shops. The thing is I hate to shop. I know.... not a typical woman. But we enjoyed walking in and out of the shops, then went out to dinner at a very good restaraunt. We walked down to the pier trying to catch the sunset but it was too quick for us. We did get some nice photos though.

Thank you, Shawn, for 11 years together. I am so blessed.


Rachael said...

Aww..congrats on your Anniversary and getting to get away. It's so nice to know a couple like you and shawn with such a great marriage!

creative cookie said...

Great shots. They are making me miss home.