Thursday, May 15, 2008

Play Ball

OK. My first real entry, with pictures. I am just writing to myself right now, cause Lord knows I am not giving out my address till I know how to use this site. I see all these pretty backgrounds and everything on everyone else's pages. How the heck do you do that? I figure the more I mess around with it, the more familiar it will become. The thing I like about the blogs is that it is different than the online photo album. People don't check that much to look at new photos, but I will still keep that updated because you can order photos off that site if you want. With the blogs, it's like a diary of what is going on in your life. Plus current photos.

So everyone knows that Katelyn has been in gymnastics...forever. At least it feels like we have paid for it since birth. I mean, it's just her college education that we're spending. No big deal.
Meagan has always supported her sissy in the best way. She does an hour gymnastics class once a week. It's good for her feet and strengthening, but honestly, Meagan is not a good gymnast. I am proud to say, we have found something Meagan totally loves AND is good at. We signed her up for T-Ball this year. We still have to work on fielding a little. She is getting better at throwing. But the girl has hand eye coordination and can let it rip without the T. I think she is just so excited to have people there rooting for her. When she gets to base, she always looks and gives her thumbs up, as if to say, "I know....I did good." It is so stinken cute.

She is #7 in the bottom on the right.

Her bat says "Girls Rule"!
It's in these little moments, that I realize how precious they really are. I want to remember the silly reasons why I giggled at them and the cute moments I just watch in amazement.


jennschultz said...

Yeah Jammie! Welcome to Blogland! I'll be adding you to my list:)
I cant believe how much Meagan has grown since I last saw her(like 3 years ago!)So glad she may have found "her thing"!

Anonymous said...

Ok, you need to post her new Tee Ball picture, it is to cute not to be on here!!