Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm so Proud little sister is getting married in less than 2 months! And I am so stinken excited. Can you tell? And I am also so proud of her.
I know that technically I am only the sister, but if any of you knew about our childhood, you would know that she is also "my baby" sister. We didn't have the typical childhood and my role was always to take care of her. And I have always completely spoiled her!
Anyway, she has been dating Geoff for quite awhile now. Right around 6 years. At first I thought he was really young. He is two years younger than her. But as time has gone by, he has really matured, became a responsible young man, and has learned to love my girls which was a big thing for me. He reminds me of my dad sometimes, which is maybe why Jess loves him so much.
He loves sports and the outdoors and when we go over to their house, he has no problem initiating a game of ball with the family outside. He'll be pitching while my girls are hitting and all the rest of us are basemen, with the exception of mom who also hits.
He makes Jessica happy. And the most important thing...he loves her. I know this by watching the way he looks at her. He adores her. And she loves him so much too. The way she talks about him, it's like they just started dating. It's just....admirable.
And they made sure to get their feet on the ground. Good jobs. Bought their first new home. Now get married. Maybe in a year or two...have some kids. She is doing everything in the right order, which is so not what I did LOL.
This weekend is her bridal shower. And I am so excited! Even though she has ruined a couple of my surprises Ha Ha. But I know that this will be the only time I will be doing this for her and I once again, can't help but spoil her.

I am so grateful to have such an awesome relationship with someone so wonderful. We are completely different but she is my Rock! And I am hers! We know that no matter what, we have each other's back and we support each other probably more than anyone else does. I am so happy and so proud of her. I can't wait for her wedding...God I hope I don't cry!


amy said...

I completely forgot about the shower!! Tell her I sorry for not making it. Believe me I would have rather been there than where I was! We will definately be at the wedding though...can't wait!

Anonymous said...

So thanks for making me cry.....I just got a chance to read this and it was very touching!!!! You are very right about you being my rock, I so would not be who I am or where I am in life if it wasn't for you always being there 4 me NO matter what!!! You have taught me how to be a good person and to have love for other, with out that I would have never be able to have the love that I have for Geoff, so thank you so very much!!! And Geoff does love the girls very much, I can't wait to see how great of a dad he is going to be, because I know he will be one of the best!!! Thanks again J for all you do for me ALL of the time, without EVER having to ask, you really are the BEST sister anyone could ask for I was just the lucky winner when god matched us up, he really does know what he is doing!!! And don't act like your not gonna cry at the wedding because you know you will!!! I love you sister, hell or high water, you and me till the end and I wouldn't want it any other way, shit I wouldn't survie any other way!!!