Monday, June 29, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

Before the sun went down.

We have had a few nice days and thought we would take advantage of the sun. Growing up, I lived in California and Florida and then up here and no matter what, I have never been very far from water. When I lived in Florida, I swore I wanted to grow up and be an oceanographer. Even on a bad day, it seems to be what can help calm me down. Just sitting by the water and listening to the waves come up, close your eyes and just relax. My girls love it too. Some of these were from last night when I took the girls for some fresh air. The others are from earlier in the week when we took the dogs to Duck Lake.



Meagan and Katelyn (notice the mitt and ball in Meagan's hand=] )

Meagan and Katelyn

Just being goofy

Listening to the water like her mom.

I love it!

the beautiful sunset

I like the birds in this shot.

Here are the pics from us taking the dogs to Duck lake.

Shawn and the girls.

Without the bunny ears
Meagan throwing the "dummy" for the dogs. It was about 90 out this day, so quite refreshing for the dogs and the girls.


Now I need to get my butt in gear and catch up on some scrapbooking!

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