Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Meagan

I didn't forget to blog her birthday...I was just so busy. Our Meagan is a hoot. She had her 8th birthday this last Friday, April 10th. It's one of those awesome, happy, sad days. If that makes any sense. I love birthdays. The memory of that day going into labor. The fact that I was high risk because of my delivery with Katelyn but willing to try again. Shawn and I went into the hospital to get a check on the monitor and see if they were going to admit us. We were supposed to be at Charity's house for Pop's (Shawn's dad's) birthday dinner. Obviously we were late. I told Charity to not tell them in case they didn't admit us. I didn't want them to get excited if we didn't stay. No sooner had they decided to admit us, and I was going around another corner (doing laps), Shawn's parents come busting through the doors. First phrase...."I knew you would be here." The next thing I knew, I had Shawn on one side of me and his dad on the other walking the halls and doing laps with me. It was funny. Sue was there too but was visiting a niece that had delivered a few hours before me. Then my mom and sister were called. We didn't call anyone else this time because last time I had over 20 people there. In case this went bad, like the last delivery, I didn't want to scare too many people. I had to have an epidural because of the procedure we were going to have to go through...and no...I will not give details here. Just that I didn't feel too much after that and decided I LOVE those things.

I was watching the clock and thinking there was no way that I was going to have this baby on Shawn's dad's birthday. Then at one point after 11:30, they told me that I was dialated to a 10. How the hell did that happen? Again...gotta love epidurals. The said at any point I would feel "the need" but to let them know so they could get the doctor. I told them to get him, she was coming out. It was a completely funny moment because I am so focused on the clock. I had my mom and sister telling me to "slow down, deep breaths, (fearing for a delivery repeat). And then I had Pops on the other side telling me to "Hurry up". I seriously started laughing. As I was waiting for the doctor to come in, the nurse is telling me to stop and I am still looking at the clock. There was no way I was stopping. And she arrived....11:59 p.m. Determination. I looked over at Pops and said, "Sorry I didn't have time to get you anything for your birthday. This is it." Sue laughed.

So Meagan's birthday is a great day. But it is also sad, because we miss her PaPaw. But she knows she shares this day with him. She had an eventful birthday this year. I took both the girls to the Frederik Meijer Butterfly garden. I had never been there before. It was some nice Mommy time.

"Butterfly Meagan"

The girls together

One of the beautiful many butterflies

My mom and Jessica came over along with Sue and JT for a dinner at our house the day before. We colored Easter Eggs all together.

Meagan coloring her eggs.

Meagan with Aunt Jessica

Granny with Meagan

Grandma Robin, Uncle Geoff, and Katelyn

Shawn didn't have to work on Good Friday, so he started Meagan's B-Day with Katelyn at the gym. Then took the girls to the driving range to get their swing on. Thanks to PaPa Jon, Meagan has had her own set of clubs for about a year. You think it's nuts that an 8 year old loves to golf, but she loves it!
Then while Katelyn and I had an agenda, Shawn took Meagan to go ride horses. Yup...of course. We finished off the night with a local Hockey Game, where the Lumberjacks kicked butt. And then she got up the next morning to do some birthday shopping with Granny. She had a busy birthday.

Now it is that time of year for T-Ball to start up. And she is so excited.

Things about Meagan that you may not know:

  • She loves all animals, especially horses. I swear if she doesn't work with animals when she gets older, I don't know what she will do.

  • She has the funniest fake laugh ever.

  • She LOVES her big sister. Yes, they can nit-pick and fight, but when it comes down to it, she adores Katelyn

  • She doesn't like school and will often say her tummy hurts. If she only knew it gets worse.

  • She loves sports. Some of her favorites are golf, baseball, basketball, bowling, and of course riding. And we go to the football games. Will be going more now that Shawn is coaching again.

  • She rides the couch like she is riding a horse. Yup, with her harness and everything.

  • She is a total Daddy's girl.

  • She has recently gotten a DS and loves that thing! And loves to watch movies. Just hide the Patriot if she comes over. She loves it, we just think it's a little too much for her.

  • She loves to make "camps" to sleep in out in the living room.

  • She loves spending time one on one with family.

  • Meagan has the best hugs....literally will squeeze you to death.

    Ahhhh, I love this girl.

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