Monday, March 2, 2009


Why is it that men lose weight quicker than women? We do all the hard work of giving birth and unfortunately that is where all our weight gain comes from and they lose it quicker, like they work as hard to get it off! LOL...

No seriously, we had our first weigh in challenge and I am down a total of 5.5 lbs. Yay, I am excited. Especially because we are all incouraging each other and I love that. My husband lost a total of 10 lbs. I am happy for him. They way I look at it, we lost a 6 month old baby somewhere. I just don't know where cuz, my clothes still fit the same. Wish me luck this week. I think I will add in the whole excercising thing, even if it is just walking. =]


jennie said...

Yeah! I am totally inspired.

Men just have way more muscle than us. Muscle burns fat.

Its so unfair.

Anonymous said...

Keep your head up Jammie I know you can do it.....your bueatiful inside as well as outside!!!! Even if you don't walk away with the $$$ don't get down on yourself, just remember any wieght you lose is one step closer to your goal... Keep up the good work and don't worry you will be the most bueatiful maid of honnor no matter what!!!!