Thursday, February 26, 2009


I cannot ever pass up a challenge. Have you ever watched the show "The Biggest Loser"? I am one of those saps who sits my chunky monkey butt there and watches when they get weighed and cries with/for them. I don't catch this show every week but I have caught bits and pieces. I always get emotional. It makes me emotional knowing that my self esteem sucks and I HATE to go shopping for clothes. That I (unlike my petite sister =]) can't eat whatever I want without thinking about it. And why is it that the stuff that tastes good is never good for you. How fair is that????

So we have a family challenge going on... and it involves a little money. We are weighing in once a week and the person who loses the most percentage is safe. Everyone else pays a $1; not much, cuz we can't afford it and besides, that's not the only reason we are doing it. We are doing this for a start of 12 weeks and the person who has lost the most % at the end, will win the money. So you lose weight, feel better, look better, and get a little cash to buy that outfit.
I think there are about 8-10 of us in on this. Even my daycare assistant. I guess what I am loving about this is the support we are giving each other. I have a wedding that I am going to be in 7 months, so that is motivation enough. I know I can do it, I have before. But I still need the well wishes.... I need to kick my butt in gear. Which this computer for the night! Love ya all!


amy said...

Good Luck! I don't have the consistency to do this challenge with all of you. When would I work out? 10pm. I'm too tired for all that! Besides, chocolate is my downfall!!

The Weikle Family said...

Good Luck. We all know you can do it!