Friday, October 17, 2008

Lewis Field Trip

OK, I know I way over did it on pictures here but honestly, I still have a lot that I didn't even post. We just had so much fun. I can't help it. !

This is in no way, all my little friends. I actually had three families that couldn't make it. This is my girls and just a handful. All the rest were running around with their families. We had a total of about 14 kids along with all the parents.

Oct. 11th, was a much better day this year compared to last year. Last year, it was drizzly and rainy and we couldn't go to Lewis' Farm like we wanted. We did end up having fun at Crazy Bounce though. And I do say "we" because my parents and I had just as much fun as all the kids did jumping on all the stuff. We all have photos. It was a blast.

But I was so excited to plan a Lewis trip again this year (with a plan B in case of weather) and glad that we could go. I usually do a daycare trip during the week but opted this year to do in on a weekend day. I thought by doing this, most of my parents would be able to come without taking time off of work, and could watch their kids having fun.

Josiah with his sister, Kaitlyn. Their brother, Nate, is in the background.

This is one of my favorites. Angie with her two boys, Michael and Tator (Nate.)

Meagan feeding the camel, Jeffery.

The weather was perfect. I did a group party, so the kids got wristbands to play on the jumping pillow, the pumpkin jump, the blue train, a cup of food for the animals, and a ticket for the hayride. Even though my husband swears it's not a hayride because there is no hay. They actually call it the Apple Express and the kids get to go for a haunted trail ride through the apple orchards. Our price also included pizza, cupcake, and juice. I swear if anyone has fall birthdays for kids, this is the place to go. I have known about Lewis' for 4 years now, thanks to my wonderful assistant, Val. It's my favorite place to take the kids.

Meagan, by a pony. Go figure. LOL. Katelyn's hair having as much fun as she is.

Meagan's smile says it all.

Sarah having a blast.

Our friend, Ric, brought his three girls. This is his oldest, Emily.

His other two girls, Claire and Isabelle.

Jessica and Chloe on the blue train ride.

Katelyn with Jessica.Meagan picking apples with her daddy.

Meagan is such a daddy's girl.

Meagan (with Katelyn holding her up high enough for the picture)

My beautiful Katelyn

Great turn out. Great time! The day we did this, it was also a big thing on the radio stations. I was glad that we got there when we did. By the time we left, there were cars up and down the road. It got insanely busy. We could have been there all day but 4 hours was enough. Can't wait to go back though. Just to get pumkins to carve. And maybe some of their baked goods.

Have I told you how lucky I am to have all my parents and daycare kids. They make me love my job. Pony party in the spring!

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rachael burns said...

Aww..looks like you guys had a great time at the farm! We have not made it there for pumpkins yet, I guess i better hurry up! Miss you guys!