Thursday, January 21, 2010

I am so behind

Why is it, that I just can't keep up. And even then...I barely have been taking out my camera lately... Geesh. I need to kick my butt in gear.

The holidays have come and gone. Terribly busy but we have definitely had busier. I guess it just seems that with every family party, it kind of drags on. But that's one of the biggest points of Christmas (besides of course celebrating the most important birth!) is spending it with family. And the New Year was calm and relaxing. Spent it over at our friends, where we have for the last 5 years.
December was kind of emotional. Going into the New Year, I sat down and thought about this last year and what I hope for the New Year. Last year, we lost another important family member. Missed...never forgotten. My brother was in a REALLY bad car accident and I thank God that he was able to walk away. It also helped my sister, Angie, and I put things into perspective and sit down for a good talk. Something we desperately needed. Family ties are being rebound. Bridges are being mended. On my side.

Things for next year...

I want to spend some quality time with family members. Not just holiday dinners.

I want to of course pay off some debt. (This is always on my list)

I want to save more for our vacation next year.

I want to get more organized.
I haven't scrapbooked in FOREVER....gonna do this!

Spend more time with Shawn's family (pray extra hard for certain family members going through hard times)
Sit down and decide what Shawn and I foresee in our future this year. (Remodeling/ adding on, horses, property??) What do we really want to do and what can we do?
Celebrate my 10 year anniversary!!!
Spend more quality time together as a family. Playing games, going camping, just lots of quality time.

That's a lot....I better get started. Shawn and I did have 3 of our nephews on New Years Eve. We don't ever usually get them one on one and had a blast taking them sledding. So here are some pictures before my batteries went dead! LOL
Justice in his Spider Man gear. He had us cracking up the whole morning.
I love this picture of Meagan!
Meagan all bundled up!
I like this one of the two of them going down the snow hill together.
Katelyn and Joseph going down on a board together.

Katelyn will be turning 13 in 3 weeks! And I have some awesome pics of something new she tried this year. Will post soon!

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amy said...

I'm looking forward to being able to spend some good family bonding time together this year too (other than holiday parties). Love you guys =)